BBC Breakfast’s Bill Turnbull: Viewers “want to stick with us”

Susanna Reid is a “great presenter” the broadcaster says of his former colleague, but he’s pleased BBC’s audience hasn’t been affected


Broadcaster Bill Turnbull waved goodbye to his BBC Breakfast co-presenter of two years Susanna Reid after she joined ITV’s new offering, Good Morning Britain. He says he’s taken a look at the new show, but admits he’s happy his audience is sticking around.


“Susanna is a great presenter and has brought a lot to the programme. But I am pleased our audience hasn’t been affected,” Turnbull tells the Mirror.

“We have heard from a lot of people who say they have looked at the other side and they want to stick with us and that is what I am pleased about.

“BBC Breakfast continues to be a success.”

Turnbull, who stayed with the show when it moved to its new Manchester location, isn’t going anywhere either. “We have just committed for another two years so something must be going right.” 

Good Morning Britain has faced some early criticism, losing viewers at the same rate as previous ITV offering Daybreak in its first seven days.

ITV boss Peter Fincham remains confident in the show.

“This is two or three weeks into the life of Good Morning Britain, in the life of breakfast show that’s a nanosecond, so it’s very early days and we’re fully right behind it,” the Express report from the Broadcasting Press Guild earlier this week.

“Susanna is an incredible journalist.”