Postman Pat inspires alarm clocks, biscuits and pants in exclusive clip from new movie

Stephan Mangan stars opposite David Tennant, Rupert Grint and Ronan Keating in the Greendale postman's trip to the silver screen

We’re all used to Postman Pat being a big star but the man himself isn’t exactly comfortable with his new-found fame…


In a new clip from the upcoming movie (released in UK cinemas on Friday 23 May), Greendale’s famous postman – and new star of nationwide talent contest You’re the One – is seen presented with a selection of Postman Pat-themed merchandise which his bosses at SDS have hastily compiled for a publicity campaign. 

Among the pile of goodies are Postman Pat alarm clocks, masks, biscuits and, er, pants. They’ve “even got a telly programme in development. With puppets.” 

“Who’d watch something like that?” is Pat’s response. Little does he know… 

Postman Pat: The Movie is released in UK cinemas on Friday 23 May