MasterChef: John Torode and Gregg Wallace struggle but finally choose the final three

Emotions ran high on last night’s first finals week show. How will the judges choose a winner?

MasterChef catchphrase ‘Cooking doesn’t get tougher than this’ may need to be changed to ‘Judging doesn’t get tougher than this’ as John Torode and Gregg Wallace face the emotional task of picking this year’s winner.


Even cutting the group from four to three was tough going last night. For a moment I thought we were going to get a weeping Wallace.

But it was Angela’s time that was up, leaving graduate Jack, full-time mum Ping and robotics engineer Luke in the final.

Angela’s presentation has been a sticking point throughout the competition. Always almost there, but not quite.

Yet last night it was seasoning that was her comeuppance. After all four chefs served up an invention test dish from a box of previously unseen ingredients, John admitted he was stunned that Angela’s dish was lacking the right mix of flavours. Ping too was criticised for playing it a bit safe, seeing the two boys whizz into the final and an all-female cook-off.

It was tense. The boys looked nervous as they watched on. John and Gregg hovered. Angela could barely even get out what she was cooking.

Unfortunately for Angela, she got the flavours bang on second time around, but her presentation just couldn’t match that of Ping’s jam-packed tasting platter. Even some sort of liver soup got the thumbs up.

Not that this meant it was a clear final spot for Ping. As John has said before, presentation can be taught. So the ladies waited. Waited. And waited a bit more.

Ping eventually got the thumbs up, but I do wonder how the judges will choose a winner from the final three. Even twice-crowned Michelin star chefs thought they were all fabulous after they cooked up some of popular chef Tom Kerridge’s food.

Perhaps the show will have to keep going until one of them accidentally pours something down John’s chef whites.

MasterChef continues tonight at 9:00pm on BBC1