Emily Blunt proves she’s top-notch at accents in a game of Heads Up!

Actress makes life easy for chat show host Ellen DeGeneres in charades-style task

Emily Blunt is an accent whizz.


The actress proved this during a game of Heads Up! with chat show host Ellen DeGeneres.

You know Heads Up! – that game where you put a word on your head and someone else has to try and explain what it is to you?

Well, it’s that, but with accents. But now there’s an app that films you while you do it. So your very energetic attempts to mime a pterodactyl, for example, will be caught on camera.

Most don’t have this broadcast on a chat show like Emily Blunt here. But The Devil Wears Prada star is a total pro. So it doesn’t matter.

Her task in this instance is to say the same phrase each time in whichever accent she’s given, and Ellen has to figure out which accent it is.

Emily is of course out and about promoting her upcoming alien war flick Edge of Tomorrow. She stars alongside Tom Cruise, who’s caught in a perpetual loop of his final day in battle. But there’s always time for a quick game along the way.

Watch as Emily effortlessly swaps from one accent to the other, to the delight of the crowd…