What Godzilla is really about… according to the internet

Ahead of the release of this year’s reboot the 1998 version of the monster film gets picked apart


Godzilla is about to hit cinemas all over again in another re-work of the monster flick.


It’s got Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, Avengers star Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Bourne actor David Strathairn on the casting list. It may very well be great. The film of the year perhaps.

But those guys over at Screen Junkies have a few things to say about the 1998 version, which relies on a worm scientist (Matthew Broderick) with an unpronounceable name to save the day. And seemingly capitalise on our nostalgic love of Jurassic Park.

It’s high-action. It’s got a huge, New York-crushing Godzilla creature. Although the US military actually cause more damage trying to stop him in his tracks…

Why do they rely on the worm scientist guy? Why does he team up with his ex-girlfriend Audrey? Why can’t anyone ever get his name right? Come on, Tatopoulos rolls right off the tongue, guys.

Whatever you make of the new film, here’s a comedic look at the one that came before…