Viral video of the day: Louie, “… so did the fat lady”

The closing scene of Monday night's episode, starring Louis CK and Sarah Baker, has caused a huge reaction since airing in the US

Here’s the astonishing one-take closing scene from the episode of Louis CK’s smash sitcom Louie that aired on Monday night in the US. CK’s character Louie, who has dated several beautiful women on the show while constantly making jokes about his own weight and looks, reacts awkwardly when Vanessa, someone he’s not attracted to, comes onto him. Eventually they go on a platonic date, where she unloads her feelings about how men see her.


It’s sparked huge debate in the States, but nobody’s arguing about the incredible performance by CK’s co-star Sarah Baker. Nor can it be denied that Louis CK is taking television comedy to places it’s never been before. 

What do you think? UK viewers can see the whole episode on Fox on 22 May.


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