Twilight, Space Cowboys, X-Men the Last Stand – best films on TV tonight

Get ready for a night in front of the TV with our film picks for Thursday 15 May

Twilight, 6:35pm Film4


A teenage girl falls for a vampire in the first film to be adapted from Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling series of fantasy novels. Kristen Stewart is suitably enigmatic as the heroine, Bella, who’s been sent to a small town in Washington state to live with her dad. There she struggles to fit in at school, until a mutual attraction to handsome Edward (Robert Pattinson) blossoms into a relationship that’s fraught with danger. 

Space Cowboys, 8pm ITV4

This self-deprecating and winningly indulgent cosmic adventure from director/producer/star Clint Eastwood is a complete macho-fuelled fantasy set in the ultra-realistic world of Nasa operations today. With an irresistible premise – four elderly astronauts finally get the chance to go into orbit 40 years after being sidelined by a monkey – this slice of gung-ho wish-fulfilment is an entertaining feel-good pleasure. Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland and James Garner reveal the true meaning of star charisma and career longevity. Alan Jones

X-Men – the Last Stand, 9pm Film4

Director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour) takes over the reins of the Marvel Comics franchise for this highly enjoyable episode. War looms when a cure for mutants is invented, threatening the future of their kind. The script suffers from a bewildering mass of interpersonal storylines, too many characters and lots of heavy exposition uttered in purple prose. But Ratner’s technically proficient blockbuster is spectacular to a fault, with the best thrill being Magneto manipulating San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to become a highway to Alcatraz.

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