How the internet responded to Zack Snyder’s first Batman picture

From a fat bat to #sadbatman memes, the internet sure seemed to enjoy the director's first shot of Batman


Yesterday director Zack Snyder tweeted fans a picture of what appears to be Ben Affleck in his Batman costume. 


Affleck is taking on the iconic role of Batman in Snyder’s 2016 superhero mash-up. It’ll see him on screen alongside Henry Cavill, currently being referred to as Batman vs Superman. 

It’s always a big moment when you see the new suit. Does it have the pants over the tight trousers, does it have the bat logo, how big are his ears..?

And of course fans were excited. This tweet earned Snyder more than 43,000 retweets and 24,000 favourites.

But then came the internet memes.

#sadbatman quickly became a bit of a thing on Twitter, with Why So Sad Batman? Tumblr picking up on Batman’s stance. 

Meet parking ticket Batman

… and no-one to go to Disneyland with Batman

The Verge showcased this brilliant Gif


Then this rather cute ‘fat bat’ started doing the rounds on Imgur as fans checked out the new logo on his chest

And, well, spoof Batman on Twitter is happy. What more do we need?