Billie Piper: I’ve never been scared of Daleks

The former Doctor Who companion reckons there are far scarier creatures to behold in Sky Atlantic's new thriller Penny Dreadful...

Pssst, do you want to know a secret? She may have got into a few scrapes with them in her time, but Billie Piper isn’t even a little bit scared of Doctor Who’s most iconic monster. 


Piper, who played Doctor Who companion Rose Tyler, has revealed her nerves of steel when it comes to the creepy killers, saying: “I’ve never been scared by the Daleks myself.” 

Speaking at last night’s UK premiere of Penny Dreadful, Piper said the things she faces in the new Sky drama are much scarier than Doctor Who’s tank-like villains.

“As much as [Penny Dreadful] has all these supernatural elements [like Doctor Who] I think it’s largely about mortality,” said Piper, adding: “It’s about lots of people existing on the outskirts of society and becoming one and living with demons and darkness – and I think all of that is pretty scary. Far scarier than a Dalek!”

Just because Penny Dreadful stars a former companion, doesn’t mean it’ll appeal to Doctor Who’s target audience. Sky Atlantic and Showtime’s new co-production, starring Josh Hartnett, Eva Green, Timothy Dalton and Harry Treadaway, is a dark and violent thriller in which Piper plays a troubled, terminally ill prostitute.

And we’re fairly sure it isn’t going to be all okay in the end because a charming Time Lord turns up and sorts it all out… 

Penny Dreadful starts on 20 May at 9:00pm on Sky Atlantic