X-Men: Michael Fassbender on what it’s like working with Hugh Jackman

The internet may love the Fassbender/James McAvoy bromance, but tonight is was Wolverine that got Magneto's praises

Search the internet for Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy and you’ll find yourself a whole heap of fan art, novels and general love for their apparent ‘bromance’. 


While that’s sure to be the case, with just mere minutes with Fassbender (aka Magneto) on the blue carpet at tonight’s X-Men: Days of Future Past premiere, it was Hugh Jackman (aka Wolverine) that Fassbender told us about. 

“It’s a really great bunch of people. Everyone says that but it’s true. Such generosity from the First Class crowd. Then the opportunity to work with Mr Jackman… 

“He’s an amazing man and a fantastic actor,” the actor adds.

The X-Men cast is heaving with talent as past and present stars come together in one knock-out film. From Jennifer Lawrence to Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen, Fassbender says that the friendship among the cast was important to keep the days light. 

“The days can be long. A lot of green screen, a lot of technical stuff, so we keep each other amused,” he adds. 

While Fassbender had to walk the blue carpet without Jackman, as the cast are splitting up for worldwide premieres over the next few days, he spent a huge amount of time with his fans, chatting and taking photos in the pouring rain.

He probably wishes he’d bought that Magneto helmet along…


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