X-Men: James McAvoy’s guide to being better than Patrick Stewart

Young Professor X explains the attitude you need to have to take on the role of an acting legend

Actor James McAvoy has always had a big job on his hands in taking on the role of Professor X in X-Men. Patrick Stewart did it so well the first time around. But in the latest instalment, X-Men: Days of Future Past, the two actors actually come face to face. And how does McAvoy deal with this pressure? Bringing his game face, that’s how. 


“You’ve got to put your own spin on it and go out there like, ‘Let’s have it!'” he tells us at tonight’s London premiere of the film. 

In keeping with the evident banter among the huge ensemble cast McAvoy adds, “I’m better though.”

But, with a nod to the impressive collaboration of X-Men stars old and new – from Sir Ian McKellen via Hugh Jackman to Jennifer Lawrence – McAvoy admits the original cast have been a huge help. 

“[Ian] has been so generous and dead supportive.” 

And with a wave to the hoards of fans braving the stormy weather to see them on the cool blue carpet, the actor adds, “We’ve got some of the most dedicated fans around.”


See X-Men: Days of Future Past in cinemas from 22 May