The Crimson Field series two: what’s going to happen next?

SPOILER ALERT: The BBC1 period drama is yet to be handed a second run but if it was, here's what we'd like to see happen...



Ok, so we’re jumping the gun a little here – series two is yet to be confirmed – but after Suranne Jones’s stonkingly good performance as Sister Joan Livesey, how could the BBC not bankroll another series of The Crimson Field?

We’ve got everything crossed Miss Jones will, somehow, return – miracles can happen, right? But what else do we want to see from a second series? As usual, we’ve put our thinking hats on to make some spurious suggestions of what the drama that could feature if and when we return to the WWI field hospital next year. 

First up, poor Sister Joan. Disgraced, shunned by her colleagues and torn apart from the man she loves. OK, she’s no longer facing execution at the hands of a firing squad but we’re no fan of her bleak future behind bars. Our fingers are crossed she’ll engineer an escape, roaring beyond the prison walls on the back of her motorbike before reappearing in France. 

Or perhaps her German fiancée Anton won’t let her go to prison after all? Maybe he’ll hatch a secret plan to defy her orders and spy for the British so Joan can avoid a future of hard labour… 

Joan and Anton aside, series one’s latest romantic coupling came in the form of Nurse Kitty Trevelyan and dashing Captain Thomas Gillan who finally realised their feelings for one another at the end of tonight’s final episode as they arranged a covert meeting amidst the trees. Or so they thought… Little did they know they were spied by Thomas’s best friend Miles whose feelings for Kitty could lead him to spill the beans on her illicit romance.

And with Thomas and Rosalie both now aware of Kitty’s scandalous past, how long can she keep her secret from the rest of the camp? Will her evil husband Elliot (Samuel West) be back to continue his quest for vengeance? 

Although, Kitty’s not the only one to keep her private life under wraps. We weren’t aware trilly nurse Flora had a shred of perception in her body until she foiled Corporal Peter Foley’s secret before anyone else, boldly informing him she knew he liked men and warning him to “be careful”. “Where’s the fun in that?” was his flippant reply. It’s not hard to see where this is heading… 

And talking of secrets, will anyone call Flora up on her real age? Or will series two herald yet more excruciating song and dance numbers? Please god, no.

Further up the ranks, we’ve seen Lt Col Roland Brett and Matron Grace Carter struggle to keep tabs on their subordinates these past few weeks. Poor Roland had particularly tough news, coping with the loss of his son and forced to answer to an unforgiving major baying for blood. He could have kept schtum but instead decided to aim some choice words at his antagoniser – will he hold onto his job come series two? 

As for Grace, well we certainly don’t envy her task of keeping conniving Sister Margaret Quayle in her box. What schemes will the underhand nurse cook up for series two? She’s made it pretty clear she’s after Grace’s job – will she busy her days plotting her young superior’s downfall? Grace had better watch her back.

So, there you have it. That’s what we think. Now we want to know what YOU want to happen. Did you enjoy series one? Are you in the middle of writing a fierce email to the BBC, begging them for a second series? Or would you rather they left things as they are. We’re looking forward to hearing from you so share your thoughts in the comments box below…