Prey, This World: Copacabana Palace, DIY SOS – the best TV tonight

Find out what's worth watching on Monday 12 May with our indispensable guide to the unmissable telly of the day

Prey – 9pm, ITV 


Fugitive cop Marcus Farrow can’t trust anyone, even the people he once thought of as friends. Pelting through Manchester’s less salubrious streets, sleeping in derelict buildings and stealing charity boxes, he’s still trying to prove he didn’t murder his wife and son.

In the final episode, it’s hard to resist the nagging feeling that Prey has turned out to be less than the sum of its parts – the central story isn’t up to much and watching John Simm looking anguished in a hoodie starts to pall.

But Prey has a rough energy, thanks to Nick Murphy’s direction, and some great performances particularly from the women – Rosie Cavaliero as inept but decent detective Susan Reinhardt and Anastasia Hille as Farrow’s sympathetic boss. 

Though everything is cleared up just a bit too neatly, you might remain well disposed enough to Prey to forgive its closing Grey’s Anatomy indie-ballad moment. Alison Graham

This World: Copacabana Hotel – 9pm, BBC2

The last time that Keith Richards’s wife, Patti, visited the Copacabana Palace hotel she bought two of its cloudlike mattresses to take home with her. 

The anecdote is a favourite of manager Andrea’s as it proves that, 90 years after the hotel first opened, its sixth-floor suites – exclusively reserved for A-listers and royalty – are as popular as ever with the international glitterati.

This one-off, Inside Claridges-style documentary in the This World strand goes behind the scenes of Rio’s most luxurious hotel in the run-up to this summer’s World Cup. It profiles both the hotel’s eccentric guests and the ever-conscientious staff whose job it is to keep them (and their pampered pooches) fed, watered and coming back, year after year. Ellie Austin

DIY SOS – 9pm, BBC1

DIY SOS has come a long way since 1999, when Nick Knowles, Lowri Turner and teams of cheeky sparks and jovial joiners toured the country putting right botched tiling jobs and dodgy plumbing. Nowadays it’s a bit of a behemoth, and owes a huge debt to American hit Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

What the two really share is that tug to the heartstrings that comes with the big reveal. I defy you not to have to swallow hard when deserving families who have more than enough to deal with see what solid work and teams of volunteers can achieve.

This edition sees Nick, designer Oliver Heath and their merry men descend on Sunderland to help June Finlay and her husband John, who have been living in dreadful conditions since June fell gravely ill four years ago. Have a hanky ready. Gill Crawford

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