Bafta Radio Times Audience Award 2014: Why you should vote Gogglebox

Channel 4’s hilarious show that lets us watch people watch TV is up for a Bafta and you can vote for it. Here's why Emma Daly wants it to win...

This year’s TV Baftas are just around the corner and among the gongs on offer is the Radio Times Audience Award. It’s an award that goes to a much-loved TV show, voted for by you, the viewer. The award (with six shows in the running) is a celebration of TV. So what better show to win than one that is in itself a celebration of TV – Gogglebox?


Gogglebox’s whole focus is TV. It’s given TV a new life. It’s TV that lets the TV watch back.

Yes, Channel 4’s Gogglebox blasted on to the scene in 2013 with its quirky way of taking us into the homes of the various ‘Goggleboxers’. Each episode gives us the chance to watch as standout stars like June and Leon, Christopher and Stephen and ‘Posh Couple’ Steph and Dom cast out their views on the week’s TV from the comfort of their own sofas.

It’s a bonkers idea, but a bonkers idea that’s worked.

Indeed, Gogglebox’s success was cemented in its move from Thursday to a Friday primetime slot with its third series. Its first Friday airing pulled in its highest viewers to date. A cult hit with a dedicated following.

And it’s the personalities of the Gogglebox cast that keep us coming back for more. With June and Leon we’ve been through Leon’s diet, pivotal during his attempts to watch the last series of The Great British Bake Off, and heard him bellow his catchphrase “Show us yer knickers!” countless times. We’ve watched Steph and Dom work their way through their drinks cabinet, flip over the sofa and re-enact their own Titanic scene. And Stephen and Chris have talked fashion, which Take That member is the best and whether it’s OK to fancy Homeland’s suspected terrorist Nicholas Brody (played by Damian Lewis).

There’s also the wacky world of telly-loving friends Sandy and Sandra, which has introduced us to the idea of drinking squash from a (washed out) Pot Noodle pot. And Jay, good old Silent Jay. He’s barely uttered a word and keeps us hooked for the day he finally spills the beans on what he’s really thinking.

It’s not high-drama, nor is it meant to be. But it’s a show that leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling. A snapshot of the Great British public, and a knowing nod that we’re all just as happy tucked up around the TV with our friends and family as we are out doing far more glamorous things.

You’ve still got time to vote Gogglebox, with entries closing on Thursday May 15 at 12:00pm. Head to our voting page for all the details