Fried Chicken Shop producers cook up taxidermy documentary for Channel 4

Get Stuffed! will examine the growing popularity of taxidermy in a one-hour documentary from Mentorn Media


Channel 4 has responded to the growing vogue for taxidermy by commissioning a documentary on the subject from the producers of its hit show The Fried Chicken Shop.


The hour-long documentary, with the working title of Get Stuffed!, will enter the world of taxidermy practitioners.

The commission from Mentorn Media comes as the number of people involved in the practice – and the number of people who buy their creations – are on the rise.

The programme will profile a range of those involved, from hobbyists attempting to preserve a dead mouse, to modern artists using a cat to create a flying helicopter (pictured).

Mentorn Media’s Director of Factual, Tayte Simpson, said the film will offer a revealing insight into how different people deal with death. 

“One contributor has stuffed his pet cat and turned it into a helicopter – taxidermy has come a long way from mounted animals in glass cabinets,” said Simpson.