Danny Dyer v MasterChef

The semi-finalists attempted to bring fine dining to Albert Square - but a certain pub landlord was not impressed when his food turned up late and cold...

The MasterChef semi-finalists were on Albert Square last night, aiming to bring fine dining to the residents of Walford. “We’re more used to pies round here,” said one – but that didn’t mean they weren’t looking forward to something a bit special. So after a hard morning in the Queen Vic, landlord Mick Carter (aka Danny Dyer) was not too happy about being kept waiting for his grub…


“I wish they’d liven theirselves up, know what I mean? Twenty minutes I’ve been waiting…”

“Oh, it’s comin’ out now, look, go on. ‘Ere we go…”

“Beautiful. Look at that, look. Get on it!”

“Listen mate, I’ll tell you what, it’s freezing! If it was just a bit warmer that’d be nice… Gotta eat it lively, gotta eat it quick!”

“It had the potential to be beautiful, that’s the frustrating thing. But, nah, you can’t ‘ave a bit of cold parsnip wrapped round yer.”

After a hard day’s cooking, John and Gregg head off for a well-deserved pint – and maybe a bit of a barney with the landlord…

MasterChef is on Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm and Friday at 8:30pm on BBC1