See Tom Hiddleston pretend to be Spider-Man

The Crimson Peak star plays along with a young web-shooting fan in Toronto

Tom Hiddleston proves he can web-sling with the best of them, joining in with a young fan in Toronto Canada who greeted him with the Spider-Man moves. 


Now, we of course know that Hiddleston isn’t Spider-Man. The man behind the spidey outfit is currently Andrew Garfield.

Hiddleston is in fact busy filming Crimson Peak, in which he plays mysterious husband Sir Thomas Sharpe. But this sweet YouTube clip shows a young fan, stuck for a way to greet the star, opt for some Spider-Man action. 

And why not? It certainly doesn’t seem to bother Hiddleston, who responds with his own Spider-Man moves. Cue delighted child (and delighted us).