The Simpsons’ Lego episode had better be as great as this trailer

Brick like Me sees Springfield and its residents transformed into 3D Lego bricks but Homer finds himself in an existential crisis...


The Simpsons have been Lego-fied for their upcoming 550th episode, and rather than a disappointing commercial tie-in, the first trailer suggests it could be something rather special. 


Brick Like Me sees The Simpsons and the rest of Springfield transformed into Lego (yes Bart, something does “feel weird today”) but one bricky figure finds himself caught between two alternate realities. Homer Simpson, of course, who asks some big, existential questions when a magical board game, Perky Patty Princess Shop, helps to reveal glimpses of the 2D Springfield we know and love.

The Lego makeover follows this year’s gigantic box office hit The Lego Movie which grossed £268m worldwide.

Brick Like Me will air in America this Sunday 4 May on Fox.