Seven stars’ lesser-known siblings

Great talents destined to be known as 'the other one'

Marcel Theroux is an award-winning British novelist and broadcaster. Tonight, he’ll add to that CV presenting a new episode of Unreported World.


But people won’t think “Oh, there’s that successful writer and broadcaster.” They’ll just say “Ooh, that’s Louis Theroux’s brother! There’s another one! Look!” And that’s wrong. But it’s not unusual.

Today we’re celebrating the lesser-known, the undervalued, brothers and sisters – the great talents destined to be known as the other one.

Neil Connery

The younger brother of a shertain Shcottish Shuperschpy, Neil’s film roles have primarily involved his familial link to 007 no.1. Take for an example the amazing-sounding O.K. Connery, in which Neil appears as the younger brother of England’s best secret agent – perhaps the greatest allegory for a disappointing casting process that cinema has ever seen.

Paul Wahlberg

A chef and reality TV star, Paul Wahlberg is the brother of film actor/rapper Mark Wahlberg and TV actor/singer Donnie Wahlberg, with whom he owns a Boston burger joint called – you guessed it – Wahlburgers.

A reality TV show based around the restaurant began earlier this year, and one reviewer has already commented that “only a true and abiding love for the Wahlbergs will keep viewers interested.” Sign us up!

Summer Phoenix

The former actor sister of River and Joaquin Phoenix (her sisters Rain and Liberty Phoenix are actors too), Summer has also managed to form a sort of lesser-known sibling power couple with actor Casey Affleck, brother of Golden Globe-winning future Batman Ben Affleck.

One thing’s for sure – the couple’s two kids will be watching each other like hawks as they grow up. School theatres, beware.  

Andrew Wilson

The lesser-known Wilson brother who’s NOT Luke Wilson, Andrew has built up a strong CV of supporting film roles over the years, including a winning turn as a roller derby coach in Drew Barrymore’s Whip it!

Still, that didn’t mean that he got the call as a third Wright brother when Luke and Owen were cast as the historic aviators in Around the World in 80 Days. Curse you, historical accuracy!

Dave Franco

If being the younger brother of an Oscar-nominated actor is hard to live up to, imagine that your brother was also a painter, poet, writer and a sometime graduate student at Yale University and the Rhode Island School of Design – at the same time.

That’s the lot of James Franco’s little bro – but it hasn’t stopped him making a name for himself in films like 21 Jump street, Warm Bodies and Now You See Me. 

DeeDee Pfeiffer

DeeDee Pfeiffer’s first film role was in comedy-thriller Into the Night, where her sister Michelle starred as a glamorous jewel thief. DeeDee played a prostitute. That must‘ve been hard to spin in the family newsletter.

However, DeeDee announced in 2011 that she was dropping acting – for a career in forensic psychology. It may not seem like the most obvious job switch, but you can’t say she’s not carving out her own path now.

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