Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

5-9 May: Brennan comes face to face with Montague, while Chris collapses with no help in sight

Monday 5 May


As Hudson has not called in the week since their fight, Chris arranges a drink with Will. Later, feeling disloyal, he cancels and accepts his solitude, but then collapses with a crippling pain. Rick the photographer gives his intern Amber a hard time, until her ideas during a shoot impress him and he offers her a part-time job. Brad’s concerns about Doug’s memory escalate. Lauren excitedly prepares for Lisa’s arrival. 

Tuesday 6 May

Will happens to be on hand at the hospital to tend to Chris after he is diagnosed with a blood clot, and the chemistry between them resurfaces. Josh angers Amber when he tries to persuade her not to take the job. As Toadie and Sonya commit to spending more time together, Naomi organises a dinner date with Paul at which she arranges to sell a painting that has come into her possession. Later, a call from Toadie sees her bid Paul goodnight. 

Wednesday 7 May

Naomi confides in Toadie and finds him to be non-judgmental about her past, unlike her mother. After arguing with each other, Chris and Amber realise that they both have to be honest with their respective partners. Sonya is shocked that Brennan has set up a website using Danni’s identity in an attempt to smoke out Montague. 

Thursday 8 May

Montague takes the bait. In a tense encounter, Brennan tries to record him confessing, but the arrival of Imogen transforms the situation. Susan’s suspicions lead to the police arriving. Montague tries to get away with Imogen as a hostage, but Brennan manages to fight him off. Montague escapes nonetheless, only to run into Callum in the back yard. 

Friday 9 May

Ramsay Street is locked down, but Montague remains at large. Callum proves to be too canny for Montague and manages to escape, allowing the police to move in to arrest him – but have they found Kate’s killer? Doug gives Josh some sound advice, but fears grow for the older man after he goes missing at night.