Doctor Who: Get the Look – your TV fashion guide

Want to rock the Doctor’s style? Here are our top tips for recreating the looks of Peter Capaldi, David Tennant and Matt Smith - you'll need to provide your own sonic screwdriver…

The three most recent Doctors – Tennant, Smith and Capaldi – give you a great variety of styles. Moving through a range of age groups, Smith’s look is great for 20-year-olds, whereas Tennant’s can be styled for the 30s to 40s and Capaldi is great for 40 and up. But of course, this is all interchangeable and if it suits your personal style then go for it whatever your age! I have put together simple style books to give you alternatives to create your favourite modern Doctor’s look. 


David Tennant 

Pictures: BBC

Tennant’s style as the Doctor is simple yet well put together. The suit and trainers combination gives him an “indie boy” style that brings freshness to the costume. He has a romantic vibe about him too, which fits well with the look. He had two costumes, the one shown here and a brown pinstripe suit. I have chosen to use the blue suit: it is much more versatile and easier to pull off.

Here are my top tips for getting Tennant’s look: 

Wool Jacket H&M £ 79.99, Converse All Star Low Maroon Canvas Office £44.99, Tie in Ottoman ASOS £8, Suit Trousers H&M £34.99, Tribe Trench Coat, Selected Homme John Lewis £90.

Think first date, smart casual, that’s when you’ll hit the right key with this look. Buying your suit in separate sections gives you the benefit of playing with shape and texture. I really like this wool jacket from H&M: it has that heavy quality you just know will sit well on the shoulders, and a good slim-cut shape which echoes Tennant’s look. Converse shoes are a real favourite of mine. I normally like to try to find brand alternatives, but I would always go for genuine Converse. They are durable and really well priced and I have always been disappointed by cheaper alternatives.

Tennant also sports a Camel coat, which I haven’t featured in the images, as his particular coat is very heavy and much better suited to winter. A great alternative for spring/summer would be a trenchcoat. There are loads of great styles out there, but this one caught my eye. The lines are clean and, worn undone over the rest of the outfit, the boxy shape will complement the slim-fit cut of the blazer. And hey, you need to have a lightweight coat to keep on hand with the unpredictable weather – drenched is not a good look! 

Matt Smith

Pictures: Radio Times / Matt Holyoak

Smith’s style made the Doctor’s look even younger. He rocks the hipster vibe here with a look you could easily see on an art student in a bar in Shoreditch. There are some real fashion staples here – depending on your personal style and age you can take elements and make a confident fashion statement. 

Here are my top tips to get Smith’s hipster look:

Blazer H&M £59.95 (Coming soon, available in June), Bow Tie ASOS £6, Red Houndstooth Braces Topman £16, Jacob Boots Superdry £89.99, Black Cropped Stretch Skinny Jeans Topman £38.

H&M have some really great pieces this spring/summer, and this blazer looks to be worth the wait. It’s a great colour and I particularly like the elbow patches. With the trousers you need to go tight and cropped, which makes these Topman jeans just right. If you prefer a slim leg to a skinny you can go for a rolled ankle instead, which will look just as good. I have decided on a brown boot over a black: it freshens the look up for the warmer weather and I really love these boots from Superdry. I am not normally a fan of their styles, but these boots are just that little something different and look very comfortable. 

Peter Capaldi 

Picture: BBC

The new and widely talked about costume for Peter Capaldi brings a new dimension to the modern Doctor. Suited to his age, this skinhead look brings a harder and more serious vibe to the Doctor. Crombie coat and Dr Marten boots cements it as British born and bred.

Here are my alternative picks to getting the Capaldi look: 

Navy Crombie Smart Coat Topman £150, Pocket Square ASOS £5, Selected Homme Dublin Boots ASOS £95, Textured Cardigan Next £32, Rolando Sturlini Brogue Boots with Wing Tips ASOS £180.


Of course, a real Crombie coat would be the ideal choice. With prices at around £795 it is probably out of reach for most of us, but here is the link if you want to have a look! This alternative from Topman is a great option. It has a very similar shape and OK, it doesn’t have the glorious red lining, but you can add that splash of colour in other ways, like a pocket square or a slim silk scarf. I have chosen to steer away from Dr Martens as they are very heavy duty and for me a bit too much for everyday wear. I like the Selected Homme Dublin Boots: they look so soft and easy to wear, and much lighter for a warmer day. Team them with a pair of single-pleat navy trousers and the crispest white shirt you own.