James May: “Jeremy Clarkson is not a racist. I wouldn’t work with one”

Clarkson's Top Gear co-presenter claims his colleague "is a monumental bellend and many other things but not a racist"

James May has come to the defence of Jeremy Clarkson following allegations that his Top Gear colleague used the “n-word” during unseen footage from the BBC2 show obtained by The Daily Mirror. 


May – who has presented the motoring programme alongside Clarkson since 1999 – had his say on Twitter, telling his 1.4m followers, “Jeremy Clarkson is not a racist. He is a monumental bellend and many other things, but not a racist. I wouldn’t work with one”. 

May’s tweet comes hours after Clarkson took to his social media account to deny the accusation that he had mumbled the word “n****r” during footage that the newspaper says was cut from series 19, episode 3 of the BBC show.

The BBC is yet to make an official statement on the matter, saying it needs to “establish the facts before commenting.” Top Gear – which the pair co-host with Richard Hammond – has become one of the BBC’s most successful franchises, pulling in millions of viewers to BBC2 on Sunday evenings, but today some users are taking to Twitter to call for Clarkson’s dismissal.