The best tweets from Darth Vader

Turns out you can still tweet from the Dark Side

Darth Vader is on Twitter. Well, the actor who played Darth Vader’s body at least, Dave Prowse.


The voice was that of James Earl Jones and when we saw Vader’s face without the helmet, that was Sebastian Shaw.

There were also stunt men who stepped in… anyway. Prowse is Darth Vader. His Twitter name proves it: @isDARTHVADER.

And from over on the Dark Side, he is tweeting away. Here’s an insight into life after Vader…

He keeps up with the latest Star Wars VII news:

He’s happy to sign autographs

Loves sharing old snaps

Enjoys a good Star Wars joke

Thoroughly enjoys a ‘Throwback Thursday’ tweet #tbt

Gets excited by new merchandise

And is still trying to tempt people over

Oh go on then, one more…