Back to the Future with McBusted at the O2 Arena

"A beautiful trip down memory lane for those in our mid-twenties, who wanted to join together in our collective geek-love"

For fans of Busted and McFly, Friday’s reunion at the O2 was long overdue. In fact it all seemed a bit too good to be true, until fantasy became reality as the boys appeared out of a DeLorean car (a tribute to the film that inspired the name McFly) and opened the show with Air Hostess, a hit for Busted boys Matt Willis and James Bourne. 


There’s no doubt that although they’re not typical rock stars they’re also not a typical boy band, a label they’ve spent their entire careers trying to shake off. As a 14-year-old girl I may have had some problems admitting a love for Busted and McFly when everyone else was listening to Britney, JLo and Blazin Squad but as a 24-year-old I would happily shout from the top of the O2 Arena that McBusted know how to put on a show and that they are extremely talented musicians. And their friendship adds a chemistry that not a lot of reunion tours or supergroups could ever dream of achieving.

Busted’s diluted pop-punk dominated the show – but come on, we’ve waited a long time to hear these songs played live again, and the McFly boys had no trouble keeping up, predictably giving Danny Jones most of ex-Busted member Charlie’s parts. An hour into the show, as the boys descended from the sky on a UFO, we were treated to anthemic McFly tunes Star Girl and Room on the Third Floor, clearly showing that despite being seen as interchangeable by many people (hence McBusted), they have completely different styles. We could always rely on McFly to handle the sing-alongs and lyrically stronger side of things. 

There was also a bizarre version of The Jackson 5’s I Want You Back, and although the audience seemed to enjoy the boys’ attempt at a rocky Motown cover, I couldn’t help but feel it would have been better replaced by another Busted/McFly song, after all that’s the reason we were all there. They was a strong list of tunes that never got an airing, which I’m sure was discussed at length by many fans on their way home.

All in all, though, it was a beautiful trip down memory lane for those of us in our mid-twenties, who wanted to join together in our collective geek-love from way back when. Maybe that’s a good sign for the McFly boys? Their last album suffered disappointing sales, their latest single went by without any fuss and the six boys have all begun to settle into adulthood (Tom Fletcher has made it his mission to hilariously make all other men feel inadequate by dedicating his life and his voice to his wife and baby Buzz) but we know they can still pen radio worthy songs –they’ve even written for One Direction – so couldn’t they give it one last shot? If you can dangle inflatable breasts in my face at the O2 you are not too grown up to pull off another 2003-style ditty. 

As for the Busted boys, they coped perfectly without Charlie, who never really embraced the band’s man-child mantra, and this tour is the final goodbye they never had. If their next individual projects aren’t theatre I just hope I don’t see any of them in a house surrounded by Z-List celebrities or on a well-known British soap. Oh…


McBusted are touring the UK until 2 June and play Hyde Park on 6 July