Justin Theroux, Liv Tyler and Paterson Joseph star in first trailer for The Leftovers

The new post-apocalyptic series from Lost creator Damon Lindelof sees the residents of Earth dealing with the aftermath of the Rapture

Thanks to his work on Lost, Prometheus and Star Trek Into Darkness, any new project from Damon Lindelof is bound to grab the attention of the TV world. And judging by the new footage of his latest offering, post-apocalyptic series The Leftovers, we have good reason to get excited.


Starring Justin Theroux, Liv Tyler and British stars Paterson Joseph and Christopher Eccleston, the dark new show focuses on the aftermath of a global “Rapture” which sees two per cent of the world’s population disappear without a trace.

Based on the 2011 Tom Perotta novel of the same name, The Leftovers picks up three years on, following those who were left behind on Earth. “It’s time again for the world to mourn the departed,” we learn at the start of the trailer which sees Theroux play the town of Mapleton’s chief of police Kevin Garvey alongside former Doctor Who star Eccleston as former reverend-turned-tabloid editor Matt Jamison, and Peep Show’s Paterson Joseph.

For a taster, take a look below: 


The Leftovers kicks off on HBO in America on Sunday 29 June but is yet to find a home on UK TV