Coronation Street spoilers: Craig Charles on Lloyd’s heart attack

The Streetcars cabbie will collapse following a charity race during scenes to be shown next week

Lloyd Mullaney is to be left fighting for his life during next week’s episodes of Coronation Street when he suffers a heart attack following a charity race.


The health crisis comes after the competition between Lloyd and best mate Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) gets intense during the run. At one point, Steve even accidentally trips Lloyd up, which leaves his rival intensely annoyed.

“Lloyd’s fuming. He thinks he’s done it on purpose and when Steve goes to help him, Lloyd tells him to go away,” says actor Craig Charles, who plays Lloyd. “Steve ends up beating Lloyd, but Lloyd is adamant that Steve only won because he intentionally tripped him up.”

After the event, the pair have a massive row, little realising what consequences lie in store for Lloyd: “He’s in a lot of pain at this point and Steve isn’t apologetic at all. It’s a petty argument that gets heated very quickly. But when Lloyd has his heart attack, it comes pretty much out of the blue. There were no major signs that anything was wrong, so when he starts to feel pain, he puts it down to being tired and being tripped up.”

The heart attack results in Lloyd being rushed to hospital where, for a while, his life hangs in the balance.  Thankfully we haven’t seen the last of the Streetcars cabbie, but friends and neighbours could be seeing a leaner Lloyd in the future.

“He has to change his lifestyle,” continues Charles. “He gets told to give up alcohol and cigarettes and that he has start eating more healthily. It’s a huge wake-up call for Lloyd. The other thing is that Steve is really shaken by everything. He thinks it’s his fault. When Lloyd finally comes round, Steve promises he’ll also give up booze and fags with him. Lloyd’s touched at Steve’s sincerity and instantly forgives him.”

Although Steve’s loyalty is not in question, a question mark hangs over the motivations of Lloyd’s girlfriend Andrea (Hayley Tamaddon) who arrives belatedly at the hospital after failing to show up at the race. So what does Charles himself make of Andrea’s secretive and suspicious behaviour?

“Andrea tells him that she had to help a friend. Lloyd believes her but Jenna’s wary and thinks she’s hiding something. There’s something not quite right about Andrea, but Lloyd is in love and oblivious to everything. Could Andrea be good for Lloyd’s heart or could she be the one to break it?”