The Graham Norton Show… according to Matt LeBlanc

Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Ricky Wilson and Joey Tr- sorry, Matt LeBlanc are on the show, but how long can they go without talking Friends...


Graham Norton has a bucket load of stars on the sofa tonight in the form of Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, who are promoting their latest film Bad Neighbours, plus Kaiser Chiefs frontman and The Voice coach Ricky Wilson and Matt LeBlanc who is back to talk about Episodes, in which he plays himself.


But with the staggering popularity of LeBlanc’s role in Friends, can they go a whole night without any reference to Joey Tribbiani? We imagine how the show might play out… 

Graham: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, how you doin’? Oh damn it…

Matt: The orangey sofa isn’t a joke? Oh, well at least I actually get to sit on it this time…

Matt: Wasn’t always the case, guys, wasn’t always the case…

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Seth: So, er, who is this dude? I’ve never heard of Episodes

Ricky: De de de de de de de da da…

Seth: Oooh, it’s Joey Tribbiani!

Matt: Guys, come on… it’s been ten years

Zac: He’s mad. We should get him a sandwich

Zac: Like, a really big sandwich

Matt: Ha, ha, ha…. yeah, when do I get to flip your chair over Graham?

Graham: And I think we’ll leave it there. Wait. There? Sing us out everybody. “I’ll be there for you…”

See The Graham Norton Show tonight at 10:35pm on BBC1