Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

28 April-2 May: Zeke gets married, while tensions bubble over between Brennan and Paul

Monday 28 April


As the search for Kate’s killer continues, Brennan reaches breaking point. When Paul takes official steps to stop Brennan being given any information about the case, the two men come to blows. Naomi works wonders with Toadie in order to close the deal with the Chileans, leaving Sonya out ofthe loop and arousing Sheila’s suspicions about her daughter’s intentions. Lying in his hospital bed, Chris decides that he cannot wait for ever for Hudson.

Tuesday 29 April

Naomitries to square things with the Rebecchis. Kate’s will reveals that she left everything to Sophie. Karl and Susan try to no avail to get Zeke to open up. Paul plans to get rid of Brennan by buying the garage and making him redundant. 

Wednesday 30 April

Zeke’s secretive behaviour is explained when his fiancée Victoria arrives from England. Their wedding gives Susan an idea for her own future. Lauren tries to keep herself occupied, but finds herself at a loose end. To fill the void, she makes contact with Lisa,the girl she thought could be her daughter. Danni is petrified when Brennan says that he wants to use her as bait to bring Montague out into the open.

Thursday 1 May

After Danni is scared into running away, Matt puts a stop to Brennan’s plan to ensnare the suspect. Terese worries that age might be catching up with Doug when she finds the TV remote in the fridge. Lauren tries to coax Lisa
back to Erinsborough by offering her some shifts working at Harold’s.

Friday 2 May

Josh’s concerns for his grandad grow after Doug delivers a load of sand to the wrong place. Lauren reveals to Brad that she has invited Lisa to move in and refuses to listen to his objections. Bailey uses an Easter egg hunt to try to impress Josie. Brennan comes up with a new plan to smoke out Montague.