Batman: 75 years of comic book covers

To celebrate the Caped Crusader's 75th anniversary, we take a look back at classic artwork from 1939 to the present day

He may not look it but Batman is 75. Millionaire Bruce Wayne and his shadowy alter ego made their debut in the pages of Detective Comics in April 1939 and since then Bob Kane’s creation has gone from strength to strength, spawning TV series, cartoons, movie franchises and merchandise – but most of all more comics.


From his original incarnation to the Dark Knight we know today – backed by numerous versions of his sidekick Robin, and battling villains from The Joker to The Riddler, Catwoman to The Penguin – the Caped Crusader has inspired some of the genre’s greatest artists to produce 75 years of covers which, more eloquently than words, tell the story of Batman…