Sherlock won’t end like Sex and the City – but how will it end?

If there's going to be no Dubai trip for Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, it must be time for some Gif-tastic speculation...


Sherlock isn’t going to end like Sex and the City, Martin Freeman has confirmed.


That of course begs the question, HOW WILL IT END?

We’ll be crowding around the TV, hoping ol’Mr Holmes doesn’t fall again.

It won’t be in Dubai. No, no. That’s a way “to cap something off badly”, says Freeman on Friday’s Alan Carr: Chatty Man show

Maybe Sherlock will ditch the texting and say it with a Post-it note

Or just say something cruel. Sherlock’s words can be cutting…

They could just get drunk again. That was a great episode. 

Throw in a bit of this.

Or, they’ll just sit around chatting about their latest detective victory until the end of time.


See Martin Freeman on Alan Carr: Chatty Man this Friday at 10:00pm, Channel 4