Who’s copying Who – Peter Capaldi or Arsene Wenger?

The 12th Doctor and the Arsenal manager share a very similar dress sense - not to mention some distinctive mannerisms

He’s known in footballing circles as The Professor, but maybe we should start calling Arsene Wenger The Doctor instead…


Exactly Who is inspiring Who is not completely clear but the sartorial similarity between the Arsenal boss and Peter Capaldi’s new Time Lord is uncanny.

The tailored navy jacket, dark-blue cardigan-waistcoat and neat white shirt are practically identical. The dynamic red splash comes in the form of a tie in Wenger’s case and a jacket lining in the Doctor’s but both suggest a hint of danger beneath the otherwise sober exterior. And as you can see below, the pair even share certain mannerisms, not to mention that look of steely determination.

Where this might go next, who can say – but don’t be surprised if, during his chillier adventures, we see the 12th Doctor wearing a giant quilted anorak…