115 things wrong with Spider-Man… according to the internet

Shove Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man under the microscope and in 11 minutes or so you'll find plenty to question

There’s a new Spider-Man doing the rounds in the form of Andrew Garfield. He’s got the web, he’s got the girl, he fights baddies. Heck, he’s not just Spider-Man, he’s the “amazing” Spider-Man.


But before he came along, Tobey Maguire was the man behind the spider-themed mask. 

And CinemaSins has a few questions about this franchise. 115 questions to be exact. 

Why does Peter Parker get bitten by a radio active spider and keep it to himself? How does he manage to cover his whole room in web and Aunt May doesn’t notice? There’s no amazing vision listed on the list of powers Peter will get, but he ditches his glasses anyway… 

It’s time to question the web-slinger. In 11 minutes (give or take):