Tom Hiddleston filming Crimson Peak in Toronto

The shoot is well underway for Guillermo del Toro's new Gothic horror film

Tom Hiddleston has been spotted wandering around Toronto in period garb this week, playing the role of Sir Thomas Sharpe in Crimson Peak, alongside Mia Wasikowska, who will play his new wife Edith Cushing in the movie.


The dashing Avengers actor look dressed to kill with his long black coat, black waistcoat, pale skin and sweptback hair. Alice in Wonderland actress Wasikowska was also seen in period dress while filming in Canada, she wore a white blouse, big puffy orange skirt and a blue necktie.

Pan’s Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro will head up the Gothic horror, set in rural Cumbria. It follows the newlyweds as Edith discovers there is more to her new husband than meets the eye.

Director del Toro has previously said that Crimson Peak will be a scary and kinky character-driven movie.

“[Crimson Peak] has moments that are very visceral, physical violence,” del Toro told Screen Rant last year.

“You’re in this sort of sedate romance and then there is this brutal moment where you’re like, ‘Whoa!’ And it has a lot of kinky moments.”

Sons of Anarchy actor Charlie Hunnam will play Dr. Alan McMichael, who is madly in love with the female protagonist in the film. Hunnam was seen in Ontario earlier this month looking very smart, sporting a knee length brown overcoat, waistcoat, tie and a trilby hat. Meanwhile, Zero Dark Thirty actress Jessica Chastain will take on the role of Lady Lucille Sharpe, Sir Thomas’s sister. She revealed on Facebook that she had to undergo a full body cast in order to play her part in the movie. She said on Twitter: “I was completely helpless. Thankfully, no one decided to play a joke on me.” 

The movie, rumoured to be as scary as Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, will be released in 2015.

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