Peter Capaldi’s Cardinal Richelieu will “be dead” when The Musketeers returns

The new star of Doctor Who has swapped the period drama for the Tardis, replaced by Marc Warren's Rochefort for series two

When Peter Capaldi was named as the new Doctor, it meant he had to abandon all his other acting commitments, which left the BBC’s Musketeers without a villain.


However, the poor writers weren’t to know he was about to resign his position when they were penning the series finale – an excusable lack of foresight which meant that Cardinal Richelieu was denied a grand send-off during his final episode when it aired last month.

So, what will become of his character? “Come the next series the Cardinal will be dead. He’ll just be gone,” Tom Burke (who plays Athos) told Radio Times. 

We’re all like, ‘Where’s the Cardinal? Oh he’s dead'” he continued. “It’s a great example of economic storytelling. Their new nemesis will be Rochefort, who’s played by Marc Warren.”

Hustle and Mad Dogs star Warren officially joined the cast last month to play the BBC1 drama’s replacement villain – a “dashing and persuasive aristocrat with a talent for sword fighting and a taste for adventure.”

Filming on the ten new episodes has already begun in Prague, with Burke’s fellow Musketeers Luke Pasqualino, Howard Charles and Santiago Cabrera also reprising their roles. 

Meanwhile, Capaldi is currently shooting series eight of Doctor Who which is expected to hit screens on BBC1 later this year.