Discovery Channel cancels Everest Jump Live after deadly avalanche

The channel made the decision to pull their live jump after 13 people died on the mountain last week

A planned Discovery Channel stunt, which would have seen Joby Ogwyn launch himself off the world’s tallest mountain in a wing suit, has been scrapped following an avalanche on Friday 18 April which killed 13 Sherpas.


Ogwyn released a statement on Saturday. “These men were the salt of the earth. Far better men than me. My heart is broken,” he said.

“Discovery Channel will not be going forward with Everest Jump Live,” explained network spokeswoman Laurie Goldberg. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the whole Sherpa community.” 

The base jump from the mountain’s 29,000 foot summit was planned for 11 May, and would have been broadcast live to the world. 

Nepali Sherpas have been guiding mountaineers to Everest’s peak for 60 years, yet Friday’s accident was the most deadly in those six decades.

Although hundreds of climbers have reached the summit, one per cent of all of those who attempt the climb will die.

Buddhist prayers continue in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, as families mourn the loss of the Sherpas.