Billie Piper on Who’s the best kisser – David Tennant or Christopher Eccleston?

The former Doctor Who companion has snogged both the ninth and tenth Doctors - and a young fan wants to know who was best...


Money has changed hands to bring you the answer to a big Doctor Who question – who’s the best kisser out of Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant?


A young fan at Awesome Con in Washington DC was offered $20 by his mum to ask Billie Piper, aka former companion Rose Tyler, the rather sensitive question – and they got an equally sensitive answer. 

“I think I’ve kissed David more,” said Billie, who travelled – and locked lips – with both the ninth and tenth Doctors during her five-year tenure on the show. “So I think we are more practised, more well-versed, and therefore our technique is somewhat better.”

So that’s a win for David Tennant – and for the youngster, who was handed a whopping $100 bill under the watchful eye of Ms Piper… 

Watch the video, courtesy of Melanie van Zevenbergen, below…