Coronation Street spoilers: Kal and Leanne to spend the night together, reveals Jimi Mistry

"This is something Kal and Leanne have wanted for a while and they’ve finally given into their urges"

Having spent the night together in a scene set to be aired next week, Kal and Leanne have to hide in the bedroom when Nick calls round with a cinema flyer. Eva spins him a story telling him Leanne had to go out but when Nick later tells Kal that he’s taking Leanne to the cinema, will Kal be able to keep up the lie? It’s a tricky situation that leads to a big sacrifice, as actor Jimi Mistry explains…


So, what is Kal’s reaction when Nick confides in him about getting back with Leanne?
Kal manages to keep his council when Nick tells him that Leanne has decided to give him another chance but he is feeling frustrated. He understands why Leanne hasn’t told Nick the truth but he also knows he can’t carry on like this and he tells her that they need to tell him the truth now.

What are Kal’s worries regarding Leanne and Nick reconciling?
e knows that Leanne loved Nick and he also knows she still really cares about him and doesn’t want to break his heart. I guess in the back of Kal’s mind he must be worried that Leanne might get back with Nick out of sympathy, but he does know that she really likes him too.

How does Kal feel about the mixed signals Nick is getting from Leanne?
It’s confusing for him. He can understand why Leanne is being careful around Nick as he is quite vulnerable at the moment, but he also believes that they need to tell Nick now as it’s unfair to give him mixed signals.

Why does Kal push Nick too far in the gym? What happens?
I think Kal is feeling a mixture of emotions at the moment. Part of him feels guilty for going behind Nick’s back with Leanne, but the other part is feeling frustrated that they can’t be together openly. It’s the frustration which takes over and Kal winds Nick up, but this has it’s repercussions and Nick ends up punching Steve.

What does Kal do after Nick punches Steve? Does he feel at all guilty?
Kal is really ashamed. Sharif tells him he was unprofessional and Kal can only agree with him. He knows he was in the wrong and is appalled by his own actions.

How does Leanne react when she hears what happened?
She’s furious. She confronts Kal and angrily orders him to stay away from both her and Nick in future. Kal is gutted.

How does Kal try to resolve his situation with Nick?
Appalled at his own behaviour, Kal tells Nick that he’s sorry for pushing him too hard and tells him it would be best if he found another trainer, but Nick is having on of it and insists Kal joins him for dinner in the Bistro. 

What does Kal do when he finds himself facing a Bistro dinner with Nick and Leanne?
It’s extremely awkward for both Kal and Leanne and it’s made even worse because Nick is oblivious to everything that is going on.

Why does Kal go to Leanne’s flat afterwards?
He can’t stand Leanne being angry at him and he has such a strong need to be near her. He calls around and kisses her and tells her he can’t keep away any longer. Leanne kisses him back, which is a relief.

They spend the night together – what’s the atmosphere like in the morning?
They are so loved up. This is something Kal and Leanne have wanted for a while and they’ve finally given into their urges. It’s a night that’s about them and not Nick and definitely something they both needed in order to get back on track.

But what happens when Nick calls round unexpectedly?
It’s a bit of a shock for Kal and Leanne. Poor Eva, who is already in shock at seeing Kal and Leanne together, then has to spin a story to Nick. It’s also a bit of an eye-opener for them both that Nick can’t find out accidently as it would break him.

How does Kal feel when Leanne agrees to go to the cinema with Nick?
He’s quite angry and tells Nick that he’s deluded. But when Nick asks what he means, he can’t tell him the truth. I think he realises there and then that telling Nick about their relationship isn’t going to be as easy as he thought.

Why do Leanne and Kal decide they can’t have a relationship if they are so into each other? Surely they won’t be able to stay apart? 
Nick has had a really hard time recently and he’s made progress, but he still has a long way to go. I think they both realise that being together would set Nick back and neither of them want that. It’s a huge sacrifice that they make and, at the time, it feels like the right thing to do. But I’m not sure how long they will be able to resist each other for. If it ever does get out that they’ve spent the night together, I’m not sure how Nick will react.