Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

21-25 April: Jess goes into labour on the beach, while Brax and Casey try to help Andy and Josh deal with their grief

Monday 21 April


Heath is forced to call on Nate for help with Jess when she goes into labour on the beach. Josh gets the truth about his father’s death from Brax, and asks for assistance to find out where the body is. Sasha and Spencer’s break-up seems to be friendly, until Chris offers them some advice. 

Tuesday 22 April

Bianca struggles to see how their relationship can survive as Heath dotes over his new son, Harley. Chris reads Denny’s signs incorrectly, believing that she is interested in him after their set-up date. Some advice from Irene sets him straight and gives him another chance with Denny. Brax and Casey try to help Josh and Andy come to terms with their grief. 

Wednesday 23 April

Andy realises the wisdom behind the Braxtons’ words and heads off to the city to support his brother, standing up Hannah with whom he had a date. His apology later falls on deaf ears, but he is eventually given another chance after he takes a trip out to the farm house. At the beach house, Sasha and Spencer share a civil moment, which is spoilt by Matt’s arrival. Jett’s speech at the student council about a memorial for Gina hits the right note after a sticky start. 

Thursday 24 April

Zac confronts Hannah about her relationship with Andy. After lying to him, she is convinced by the twins to come clean and they form a tentative truce. Jett manages to persuade Kyle to play a gig to raise money for Gina’s memorial. Initially nervous, Kyle is later reminded of his love of music and how much he misses Phoebe. 

Friday 25 April

John asks Marilyn to move in with him, but she feels it is too soon. Eventually, however, they reach a satisfying compromise. After she gets some positive news herself, Ricky has some advice for Bianca. Jess faints, but asks Nate not to examine her, as she is well aware what is wrong with her.