CBeebies: Eight minibeast facts for children

Go on an adventure with zoologist Jess French this Easter to learn fantastic facts about minibeasts in the wild

This Easter Monday CBeebies Minibeast Adventure with Jess French will show children the wonders of outside. From beetles to worms, spiders and ladybirds, zoologist Jess will inspire young kids to get to know more about nature. 


Get a head start with these fab facts about common animals you can show your children in the garden or local park…

1. A harvestman can hear, taste and smell using its legs.

2. However much a woodlouse drinks, it never does a wee. Its shell lets out a smelly gas instead.

3. Worms eat their way through the soil – and then poo it out behind them.

4. Bees tell other bees where a tasty flower is by doing a waggle dance.

5. Grasshoppers don’t have ears but can hear using a special bit of their tummy.

6. Beetles can bite right through wood.

7. A Millipede breathes through holes all along the side of its body.

8. The silk that a spider uses to make a web is 5 times stronger than steel of the same thickness.  

Minibeast Adventure with Jess airs from Monday 21 April at 10:30am on CBeebies