The Travel Interview: Ade Edmondson

The Bottom comic has turned his hand to travel. We catch up with him after his recent jaunt around the UK via boat

Tonight Ade at Sea returns to our screens and the Bottom actor continues his seafaring journey. He sails out to the stunning Isle of Eigg in the Inner Hebrides and returns to mainland Scotland for a spot of kipper and herring fishing. We catch up with Ade for a chat about travel, boating and getting seasick…


What did you learn from your recent jaunt around the UK’s seas?

That Britain is infinitely more varied than regular telly would have us believe.

Could you hack it as a full-time fisherman or a sailor?

Yes I bloody could! I think its the job I’ve always been seeking – steady, a bit dangerous, but also strangely philosophical.

Did you get seasick?

I haven’t been seasick since a cross channel ferry in the early ’80s, but my cameraman wasn’t so lucky, he went pretty green as soon as we stepped on a boat. I don’t think he’ll be doing another sea-based programme in the near future.

What’s your best piece of travel advice?

Try to love the unexpected – that’s where the fun is.

Where are you going next?

I want to do the German ‘lake district’.

What’s your best travel destination?

We spend our summer holiday in Italy every year, mostly because of the food, the language, the stress-free existence and the Italians’ beautiful acceptance of children.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever eaten while travelling?

My family take the piss out of me for ordering spaghetti alle vongole at every meal, but I’m honestly doing a worldwide evaluation of the best version.

Would you every do a Bear Grylls style travel show, but with boats – perhaps a Shipwrecked vs All is Lost type thing?

There’s room for a more interesting show about proper survival.

If you could travel with any celeb who would it be?

I would love to have a holiday with Ab Fab’s Jennifer Saunders… oh wait, I already am!

What are you doing next?

I’m spending the summer touring the UK with my folk/punk band The Badsheperds, I can’t think of a better way to spend the summer.

Watch Ade at Sea tonight at 8.30pm, on ITV.

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