Sherlock: Speedy’s Café calls for fan art to showcase on new website

Whether you’ve drawn Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, or perhaps painted a scene from 221B Baker Street your work could make Speedy’s online gallery

Speedy’s Café has become a star in its own right in BBC detective series Sherlock. It’s right there, next to Holmes and Watson’s 221B Baker Street home, kettle on and cakes being made.


Based on North Gower street in London, where the show is filmed, it’s a popular spot for Sherlock fans to visit. As well as grabbing a bite, it’s of course the perfect excuse to have a picture.

Now armed with a brand new website, Speedy’s Café is offering budding artists the chance to show off their Sherlock-inspired artwork on its online gallery.

Before the first of each month you can tweet your work to the Speedy’s Twitter account using #Speedysfanart. On the 13th the top fifteen pieces of work will star in the gallery.

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