Is this the worst Wheel of Fortune contestant ever?

Indiana student misses out on $1 million prize after failing to pronounce Achilles

College freshman Julian Batts has earned a spot in the Wheel of Fortune hall of shame after a comical blunder lost him $1 million.


Having managed to find all of the letters to complete the board, Batts simply had to say “Mythological hero Achilles”.

Say those three words and win $1 million. Seems simple enough, right?

But Batts, who was taking part in the show’s College Week edition, just couldn’t quite manage it. Attempting his complete Batts plumped for “Mythological hero A-chill-is.”

Yep, that’s $1 million down the drain.

The honours student actually managed to tot up enough cash throughout the show to win overall. But not before more failed attempts at the big-money prizes, including a car and a trip to Jamaica, by stumbling over almost fully-revealed answers.

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