Play Britain’s Got Talent bingo

Will former judge Piers Morgan return? Will Amanda Holden cry? Will Simon Cowell show off that chest hair? Print out a bingo card and play along at home as series 8 begins

The buzzers are in place, judges Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams are in their seats, the talent is ready… There’s just one thing left to do before Britain’s Got Talent series 8 launches: print off your bingo card. 


Sure, BGT is all about finding talent we’ve never seen before. The unexpected, the surprising and the downright shocking. But that doesn’t mean a fair few familiar things don’t happen along the way. 

Of course Amanda is going to cry. Heck, it wouldn’t be the same if she didn’t. There’ll definitely be a sob story and there’s no need to worry if David will be flirting with Simon – that’s in the bag. 

So as the series kicks off its hunt for talent, print out your own BGT bingo card and see how long it takes you to stamp out these moments as they happen…

View Full Bingo Card (via Two Little Fleas).

Britain’s Got Talent starts Saturday at 7:15pm on ITV