Matt Smith thanks Doctor Who fans in clip from farewell documentary

Watch an exclusive video of the 11th Doctor talking about just how much he loves you Doctor Who fans

We may have officially said goodbye to Matt Smith’s Doctor in the Christmas episode… but for a lot of us it’s still raw. 


Good job then that Watch are giving us a whole hour to say a proper farewell to the fish fingers and custard-loving, bow tie-wearing Time Lord in the aptly titled Doctor Who: Farewell Matt Smith.

The one-off special, narrated by Alex Kingston (aka River Song), sees Matt discussing dedicated Whovians the world over, saying: “I’m grateful to the fans of Doctor Who. They’ve given me a lot of support and I’ll miss all that” before going on to talk about the viewers he likes best: the little ones. 

“I like children. They are always excited to meet the character,” says Smith. “Sometimes with adults it’s not always about meeting The Doctor, it’s about ‘Oh there’s that guy from Doctor Who’, but kids, they are like, ‘Wow, The Doctor’s there!’.

“[Children] are cool. They are honest and they’re frank. And they are funny and they’re not afraid to be themselves. I think that’s something that we lose as we get older.”

The show, featuring appearances from Smith’s cast members, guest stars and celeb Who fans, will take a look back at the 44 episodes in which Matt Smith was The Doctor. 

Watch an exclusive clip: 

Doctor Who: Farewell Matt Smith is on Good Friday at 5:00pm on Watch.