Dorset Police unveil their Tardis-style police box

Doctor Who fans will be flocking to Boscombe to check out a phone booth bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Time Lord's vehicle of choice

The Tardis has landed in Boscombe, Dorset, but there’s not a Doctor in sight. 


Crowds flocked to the Bournemouth suburb yesterday as a brand new police box was unveiled which Dorset Police are hoping will attract Whovians from across the lands, and stamp down on street crime in the local area. 

The new addition to Boscombe’s streets is to be manned by a policeman during the day and has a built in telephone for members of the public to use after hours. 

Launched by Bournemouth East MP Tobias Ellswood, the box is one of just two operating in the UK, the other based outside Earl’s Court station in London.

“Boscombe has had its challenges with anti-social behaviour but it is a vibrant community,” said Ellswood. “The box itself is now a fantastic, iconic symbol of a desire by the police and the community to be very optimistic about where this part of Bournemouth is going.”

And if you haven’t cleared space in the diary for a trip to Boscombe, Dorset Police have tweeted plenty of snaps for Whovians to ogle over…