Which TV boss do you have?

Does your boss think he's Napoleon? Do they love a good sing-song or do they make your palms sweat at the very mention of their name? From David Brent to Don Draper find out which TV boss you work for

You probably spend more time with your boss than you do your actual family, but what kind of boss are you working for? 


Nev Wilshire, CEO of Save Britain Money, is back in tonight’s episode of The Call Centre on BBC3. But have you got yourself a John Wayne-loving, singing enthusiast like Nev? Or have you nabbed yourself a boss such as Mad Men’s Don Draper? Perhaps a Mr Burns from The Simpsons or even a chilled-out entertainer like The Office’s David Brent?


Take our super scientific (ie, not at all) test to find out. Just perhaps don’t do it in the office…