What Simon Cowell is really like… according to the Britain’s Got Talent judges

Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams reveal what they really think of the media mogul...

Simon Cowell returns to our screens this Saturday night as the eighth series of Britain’s Got Talent kicks off. 


Alongside Cowell are Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams. The foursome appear to be quite the tight unit as far as judging panels go. This is the third time they’ll appear together, with Alesha and David having taken over from actor David Hasslehof and comedian Michael McIntyre in 2012.

But is it all as rosy as it seems? Here’s what the trio had to say about Mr Cowell… 

Amanda Holden

“Simon always says to me, ‘You’ve got me to thank for people liking you’. He’s so modest” Amanda says of her move from acting to being a judge on the show.

“I love how wicked he is and he is very funny. I love how he is a really good sifter of nonsense, he’s like a sieve for most things in life and he’s got such a good feel for things.”

Alesha Dixon

“Simon is actually a very funny man. You don’t often see that side of him on screen as he comes across all serious and important. But this year especially he’s been more mischievous and has been giving David a run for his money with the jokes.

“I always love coming to work on the show because we just laugh all day long. It is genuinely fun to be with the other judges and I’m very luck to have a job like this.”

David Walliams

“It has been tough this year because the dynamic has changed with Simon; a wedge has come between us in the shape of a baby. I feel he should have impregnated me!

“His honesty. I think that’s why the public love him and that’s why he’s the world’s favourite talent show judge. He’s always honest and he doesn’t seem scared about hurting people’s feelings, which I know seems harsh but you have got to be honest because a lot of people come on and say ‘It’s my dream to be the next Elton John’ but if they don’t have the talent you have to be honest with them, otherwise the show has no integrity.

“He’s always good at being very honest and spotting what is wrong with something, and he is very rarely wrong. He’s created more stars than anyone else I can think of in the modern age. He’s got a great sense of the public’s taste. He’ s the ringmaster, he’s not a shadowy figure behind the scenes, he is always involved and he is confident in his own opinions. We [fellow judges] certainly miss him when he’s not there, because we are often more hesitant to be blunt with people.”

See what Simon Cowell had to say about BGT at this year’s London auditions:


Britain’s Got Talent returns this Saturday at 7:15pm on ITV