Binky Felstead and Alex Mytton’s relationship is rocked by rumours of cheating on Made in Chelsea

Could Chelsea's hottest couple be headed for splitsville? The MIC cast aren't convinced by Alex's denials...


Made in Chelsea is BACK for a seventh series with added slow-mo (which we’re loving, by the way). Now, last time we saw the Sloaney set, Jamie was snogging Lucy and Victoria was hurling insults at Cheska. A lot has changed. 


First up, Victoria has had a miraculous nice-over. Despite telling Mark, “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour” (new favourite quote), spring has thawed out the ice queen as she attempts to make a fresh start with Cheska (after labelling her “f**king fat turkey” during the Christmas special). At Sophie’s Bavarian ball, she even told her she looked amazing. It was unnerving.

Meanwhile, star-crossed lovers Jamie and Lucy were not so amicable. Mr Laing may have thrown the L-word about every 30 seconds last year but he’s scotched his chances with Lucy, for good this time, by swanning off to Miami and pulling the exact same act on another girl. Lucy, very reasonably, informed him he dropped the L-bomb too often. He responded by calling her a “f**king bitch”. Nice. 

But Lucy wasn’t the only one on the receiving end of Jamie’s wrath. This week saw Chelsea’s party-loving boiii on the defensive from the word go with Andy’s accusation that he was “f**king with Lucy’s head” met with: “You don’t have to be such a schwef but you are.” (Erm. What’s a schwef?) 

Credit to Lucy, she took it well. And when Jamie finally cottoned on to the fact he probably owed her an apology, it was accepted. Miraculously. 

Meanwhile, over in camp Alex and Binky, all was not well amid accusations Mr Mytton had played away from home. And despite plenty of snogging and some cringe-inducing flicks through holiday pics, it was clear that Binky wasn’t buying his reassurances to the contrary. 

Being Chelsea, every Tom, Dick and Harry had an opinion on the matter. “I can’t read Alex” (said Fran), “He deserves the benefit of the doubt” (Stevie), “It’s going to be a storm” (Jamie), “Monogamy’s quite rare nowadays” (er, Spencer). Best off all was Cheska’s defence of her so-called best friend: “If I find out this is true you’re in big s**t,” she informed a poe-faced Alex. 

But rather than pay heed to the meddlers, Mr Mytton responded by marching over to his GF and declaring his love. They snogged, but Chelsea wasn’t convinced. And judging by the trail for next week’s episode, Alex has plenty more explaining to do… 

Made in Chelsea continues next week at 10pm on E4