Tom Hardy: I was “out of my depth” filming Star Trek: Nemesis

The camera picks up when you're nervous the actor admits as he recounts his time on the set of the sci-fi hit


Actor Tom Hardy has revealed he felt out of his depth while filming Star Trek: Nemesis. 


Hard to believe coming from the man who played the terrifying Bane in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.

However, of playing Shinzon in Star Trek: Nemesis, his first big-action hit, Hardy says: 

“I was terrified. Every day on the set, I was terrified,” Hardy tells “It worked for the character anyway” he admits adding, “I was genuinely out of my depth. The whole thing was ‘How can I do this?’ I took it very seriously.” 

Hardy is about to hit screens again in Locke, which opens on April 18. And his name appears to be hot on director’s lips. He’s to join BBC2 drama Peaky Blinders for the second series as well as teaming up with Ridley Scott in a BBC One drama, Taboo. 

Set in 1813, Taboo will see the younger Hardy play James Keziah Delaney, a rogue adventurer who returns from Africa with 14 ill-gotten diamonds and a quest to avenge his father’s death.

Yesterday it was also revealed Hardy will play the role of a taxi driver alongside Broadchurch star Olivia Colman in a film adaptation of the musical London Road.