Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

7-11 April: Naomi and Kyle get to know each other, while Kate finally makes a decision about Brennan

Monday 7 April


Paul asks Kate to redesign Charlie’s, but she can think of nothing other than her dilemma over Brennan. Meanwhile, Brennan opens up to Chris about the feelings he still has for Kate. Eventually, Kate opens her heart and lays it on the line to Brennan. Josh thinks that Amber is no longer interested in him now that his swimming career is over, but this is far from the truth. Imogen finally discovers from Bailey the secret that Brad and Lauren tried to keep hidden. 

Tuesday 8 April

Paul is saddened to find out that Kate has rekindled things with Brennan, but bumps into an attractive customer called Naomi at Charlie’s who diverts his attention. After the Willis kids discover that Brad and Lauren had a child, Terese reluctantly gives Brad permission to try to establish contact. 

Wednesday 9 April

Lauren finds out that the search for her child may mean that Kathy could be charged with abduction. Paul is shocked to discover that Naomi is Sheila’s estranged daughter. Sheila wants to avoid repeating past mistakes with her daughter, but cannot help feeling that she is hiding something. When she sees someone flirting with Kyle, Georgia realises that she still has feelings for him. 

Thursday 10 April

Brad asks Matt to risk his career by looking for his child off the record. Sheila reveals to Susan the reason why she and her daughter have been out of touch – Naomi had an affair with a married art dealer, which Sheila was instrumental in ending. Chris’s mother Patricia ends up on his doorstep after a huge fight with his father George over her gambling problem. 

Friday 11 April

Chris manages to bring his parents closer together. Georgia tries to make lunch with Kyle unromantic, but cannot deny that there is something between them. Susan tells Josh that he will have to be assessed to see if he can return to school in the same year that he left. Is the former swimmer in for another setback?